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Answers to the Islam Crossword
Rahman Mohamed

On 5 April The Guardian Islam was reported to be the fastest growing religion in the world today and is predicted to be the majority religion in the world by 2075.  Today Islam, the religion, and Muslims, persons who follow Islam, have been reported to be facing increasing discrimination and victimization of hate speech and discriminatory violence.  Check out the answers to the Islam Crossword.  You’ll learn more about Islam.  If you missed the click on the link or check out the archives.

Islam - answers

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The Islam Crossword

Rahman Mohamed

Today Islamophobia has become a common term.  It is used to describe fear of Islam and Muslims.  With the current events in Syria and terrorism Islamophobia growing.  Some say terrorism has been equated with Islam and Muslims today.  The recent attacks in the United States and Britain, most recently in Manchester has risen fear of Islam and Muslims.  Much of this fear is based on misunderstanding.

The theme of this crossword is Islam.  It includes Arabic terms used in Islam and by Muslims.  It also includes names of persons and locations associated with Islam that have contributed to historical and local culture and society.  Check back later for the answers.

Islam - no answers

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Mental Health Crossword

Rahman Mohamed

Educational crossword about mental health

Read the clues and answers and learn more about mental health

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