Mental Health Crossword

Rahman Mohamed

Educational crossword about mental health

Read the clues and answers and learn more about mental health

Let’s talk about Mental Health all year.  Check in next week for the answers and more information.


4. Many who are affected by mental health take this route to escape. If there was less of 4-down the number would be reduced

5. This is a visible problem when a person has an eating disorder

6. A phobia is an intense feeling of this emotion. It can be treated

8. A synonym for being nervous or being worried. People with a mental illness with this name feel nervous and worried at unexpected times

9. This Canadian organization helps raise awareness and provides information about mental health


1. Mental illness is this. It means that it is a health problem but it’s not contagious.  A disease is contagious

2. Many mental illness affect this

3. #Campaign by a media company in Canada to raise awareness about health

4. This surrounds mental illness. If the world learns and talks about it there would be less.

7. Mental illness are often actions or feelings that are done or experienced at this level


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