Tomorrow is Today

2015 Foreseen.  How accurately?
Rahman Mohamed

In 1985 Director Robert Zemeckis created a Time Machine.  In Back to the Future (1985) a young man travels to 1955 to make sure his parents fall in love and he’s born.  But four years later, in Back to the Future 2 (1989) he travels a couple of years into the future (Wednesday 21 October 2015) to keep his son from landing in jail.  He saw what we (supposedly) will experience in 9 months.  But will we?

He saw flying cars.  Roads are still there but they aren’t used.  The weather service predicted the exact timing of precipitation.

That’s not all.  We will have bionic implants and auto auto-maintenance (robots fixing cars).  Movie previews will be 3D holographic.  TV’s will be advanced but we’ll still have technical difficulties and we’ll play video games without hands.

Baseball is still going to exist in October, but the bats will enlarge; we won’t have to find a place to store a full-size slugger.  And we’ll all have hoverboards.

Homes and ID are going to be super-advanced.  Clothing will be robotic and always clean.

And all of this was on 21 October 2015, 9 months from this very day.  Today we do have bionic implants (prosthetic).  But how close are we to the rest?

Check out Nova’s Rays this year for a series – The Future is Today – and find out.


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