Warm Without Fur: Self-Warming Coats

New warm clothes entering the world
Rahman Mohamed

In 1985 Director Robert Zemeckis predicted 2015.  One of his predictions: self-strapping boots.  Today we have to tie laces.  But you can get a coat or boots that self-warm to survive Winter.  A beauty for Canadians. Continue reading

Tomorrow is Today

2015 Foreseen.  How accurately?
Rahman Mohamed

In 1985 Director Robert Zemeckis created a Time Machine.  In Back to the Future (1985) a young man travels to 1955 to make sure his parents fall in love and he’s born.  But four years later, in Back to the Future 2 (1989) he travels a couple of years into the future (Wednesday 21 October 2015) to keep his son from landing in jail.  He saw what we (supposedly) will experience in 9 months.  But will we? Continue reading

Artificial Body Parts Are Real, Not Science-Fiction

Prosthetics have seen a new light; prosthetic eyes now exist.
Rahman Mohamed

It’s true.  In China a young boy named Guo Bin was the victim of eye gauging.  He can’t see, but he looks normal.  That’s because he’s undergone operations and received prosthetic eyes.  3 weeks ago Guo Bin’s mother, Wang Wenil told the BBC they “had to try everything”.

In August Guo Bin’s eyes were gauged out; the preparation for the prosthetic began in September.  But making him seem normal is not the end; his doctor, Dennis Lam says he hopes in 5-10 years Guo Bin will be able to see again because it’ll be linked directly to his brain.

Continue reading