Warm Without Fur: Self-Warming Coats

New warm clothes entering the world
Rahman Mohamed

In 1985 Director Robert Zemeckis predicted 2015.  One of his predictions: self-strapping boots.  Today we have to tie laces.  But you can get a coat or boots that self-warm to survive Winter.  A beauty for Canadians.

Columbia Men’s Bugathermo from Gempler’s Retrieved 13 February 2015

Seriously.  Battery-powered clothing is available today.  In October 2009 WIRED reported that battery powered self-heating boots had been released.  The Columbia Bugathermo boots have multi-level heating.  The Omni-Heat insulation is designed to last -31C (-25F).  It has breathable leather and waterproof membrane.  It’s highlight is the rechargeable battery.

After being charged in a standard 115v wall outlet or through your USB port it can provide 3 levels of heat for up to 8 hours.  There you are walking in the snow but your feet are toasty warm.  Today it’s being sold for $195.

That’s not all.  Mark’s, a Canadian retailer that offers casual and industrial apparel and footwear offers a rechargeable jacket.  The Dakota Thermalectric Heated Fleece Jacket has a solar fleece outershell and 100% polyester insulation and lining, and concealed storm cuffs inside the sleeves to keep out drafts.  Selling for just under $290 it also comes with rechargeable batteries and a user’s manual.  The Dakota is rechargeable and like the Bugathermo comes with three heating levels.  It’s a jacket you can’t machine wash or dry clean.

Thermalectric Rechargeable Heated Fleece Jacket available at Mark’s Retrieved 13 February 2015

If you don’t want to wear batteries New Scientist revealed the development of Nanowire clothing in December.  Stanford University developed a method to “for coating textiles in a network of silver nanowires by dipping cloth in nanowire ‘ink'”.  Regular clothing uses layers to trap heat.  Nanowire clothing uses electricity.  With the wires in clothing Yi Cui of Stanford says

1 volt can heat up the nanowire cloth to 40 °C. … Keeping the current low means there is no danger of burning your skin.  It is just like holding a AAA battery.

Self-heating isn’t the trend yet but the market is warming


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