Mo With Chin and Cheek, Santa Only Scrubble, or Clean Jack Frost

To keep or not to keep? That is the question (bro and sis have the answer)

Rahman Mohamed

As we enter the last weekend of Movember you probably saw Mo on Bro.  What began as a campaign to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer has grown into one encouraging men to be open about health difficulties including Mental Health to break stigma and to not view health as an attack on masculinity.

Movember rules are based on starting the month clean shaven.  A Bro can trim or fashion a Mo throughout the month but it’s not supposed to be shaved off the month or be part of other facial hair; other facial hair can be there but just not part of the Mo.  What kind of facial hair to ladies really like?  Unsurprisingly some have studied it.

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Different Types of Distancing

Social, Physical and Others

Rahman Mohamed

Since 2020 began new words have entered daily conversation worldwide.  In English they include “quarantine”, “isolation”, and “distancing”.  Unknown to many there are different types of distancing.  Although measures to contain COVID-19 (Carona virus) include physical distancing, it has been named social distancing worldwide by Media, Political Leaders, and the World Health Organization (WHO).  So what is the difference between ‘Social’ and ‘Physical’ distancing?  How protective are each?

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Dementia, Delirium, Dyslexia

Not all D’s are the same
Rahman Mohamed

Dementia: an impairment in how you think that can effect your social function

Delirium: a state of confusion related to a medical treatment

Dyslexia: a process in the brain that makes it harder for a person to understand written information

Dementia, delirium and dyslexia all have an effect of how a person thinks and expresses.  They have similarities but are not the same. Continue reading