Changes to the Environment

Answers to The Green Crossword
Rahman Mohamed

Read the clues and learn more about the changing environment.  Check out the May archives or scroll down for the old crossword with different clues.

Answers to the Green Crossword

Answers to the Green Crossword


1. Elizabeth May is the leader of the Green Party. She holds a riding in Saanich-Gulf, British Columbia. She’s the only member of the Green Party sitting in Canada’s House of Commons.

3. Right now Russia and Canada are both arguing for territorial claims to the Arctic. Because it’s melting it will be a new mining ground and a new seaway.

8. According to NASA (2010), the Earth’s surface temperature has been increasing by 0.2°C (0.4°F) per decade.  It may not sound like much but changes the climate a lot.

10. In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there’s a Regulated Price Plan according to time-of-use. If you use a kilowatt (1000 watts) during off-peak times you’re charged a lower rate. There’s a second plan that charges customers one rate for the first 1000 kilowatts they use per 30 days and then a higher rate for everything else.

11. Ozone isn’t just the name of a city in Ontario and Arkansas; it’s a special type of oxygen. It’s in the stratosphere and shields the Earth from a lot ultraviolet radiation. Strangely, it’s ultraviolet radiation that forms ozone.

12. It’s a common fact that water is H2O. Ozone is a special type of oxygen; it’s O3. The oxygen in the air around us is O2.

13. Car pooling and public transit is always second to travelling alone. You decide where you go, but you spend more money and hurt the environment when you travel alone.

16. Throughout history humans have been waking up early to watch the start and the end of sun’s arc.  The sunrise and sunset are two of the most romantic times of the day.

19. As the price of oil changes, the price of gas changes. As the price for gas changes the price for everything else changes. Therefore, oil is one of the primary causes for change in the cost of living.

21. In March 2012 the federal government of Canada ended its 5 year ecoENERGY retrofit – homes program. It gave out incentives to qualified home owners to make their homes energy efficient. This included installing panels to harness solar energy. But it only handed out $5000 during its time. There are still regional programs that provide incentives to qualified homes in place in Canada, but the government isn’t advertising them.


2. Usually it’s easy to see the moon in a city after the sun sets. And sometimes you can see a planet. On the eve of May 27 Saturn was in sky. But because of pollution, in most cities today not a star up high.

4. Although the gas-powered car is the primary mode of transportation in North America the smaller eco-friendly car is becoming popular. People are also becoming more open to the hybrid.

5. The Kyoto Protocol might not have succeeded, but some countries are still passing laws to reduce greenhouse gases. The Kyoto Protocol would have helped, but governments are slowly beginning to move forward.

6. The atmosphere is held down to the Earth by gravity. It’s not just the gasses above the clouds; it’s all the air and gas above ground. Unless you’re in the International Space Station, you’re in the atmosphere now. The layer closest to the Earth is the troposphere.

7. CO2 or carbon dioxide is produced by humans and used by vegetation. But because of increased use of fossil fuels and increased deforestation, there’s more CO2 in the air that’s just not going away.

9. Because of deforestation we’re getting rid of the pine, maple, elm, and a lot of other trees. Deforestation is a cause of climate change.

10. Wind turbines use kinetic energy to create power. People say the turbines annoy them because of their noise. They say they can’t sleep because of the turbines.

14. Coastal regions are the most at risk as sea levels rise because of glacial retractions.

15. Asthma is another health disorder that affects the lung. Some people are born with asthma, but their lives are made harder because of pollution.

17. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly, colourless, odourless gas. It is often released into homes when cars are left on in garages.

18. Although there’s still no Carbon Tax at the national level in Canada, there is one in British Columbia; it’s facing a review.

20. One of the greatest attractions in Canada is the Rideau Canal. It’s a UNESCO heritage site. When the water in this river that flows through Ottawa, the nation’s capital, turns to ice, skating begins. The skating season on the Rideau only had 42 days in 2013; of these only 38 were skating days. A bit more than 28 skating days in 2012, one of the worst skating seasons in a decade.


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