Carrots, Not Just for Bunnies

Rahman Mohamed
A vegetable available for your teeth, stomach and phone.

carrot1 colourAs the New Year begins New Year’s Resolutions are on the tip of the tongue.  Although their popularity is dipping they are still made.  Commonly known, one of the most popular resolutions when the year is new is losing weight.  It’s also a resolution that’s among the “not-fulfilled” (the broken resolution)

Carrots are among children’s favourite vegetables.  They have a taste, a crunch and a nice colour; in Canada they’re most often orange but they are reported to grow in a variety of colours.  Recently (5 December 2017) Medical News reported a range about carrots.

  • Carrots have antioxidants.  They may be a prevention for cancer
  • They have Vitamin A, help prevent vision loss
  • They contain protein, fibre, Vitamin C, Calcium, iron, potassium, sodium and other minerals and Vitamins

Unknown to many Canadian governments have been working to help Canadians lose weight and learn more about health using an app.  Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play the app is named “Carrot Rewards”. Continue reading


The Vote: National 2015

Rahman Mohamed

Everyone has heard it: every vote counts.  It’s a known fact: not everyone votes.  According to statistics from Elections Canada there’s never been a full voter turnout in Canada.

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Drones in the Home?

Closer than ever before
Rahman Mohamed

The word drone is not new to many.  It has multiple definitions.  It can be the lazy male bee or ant whose only job is mating with the queen, someone who’s lazy, or someone who just keeps talking, and talking, and talking, about the same subject and never seems to end (Don’t worry, this post is about a different Drone).  The most common definition used today: Drone; the wireless computer that can fly.

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