Carrots, Not Just for Bunnies

Rahman Mohamed
A vegetable available for your teeth, stomach and phone.

carrot1 colourAs the New Year begins New Year’s Resolutions are on the tip of the tongue.  Although their popularity is dipping they are still made.  Commonly known, one of the most popular resolutions when the year is new is losing weight.  It’s also a resolution that’s among the “not-fulfilled” (the broken resolution)

Carrots are among children’s favourite vegetables.  They have a taste, a crunch and a nice colour; in Canada they’re most often orange but they are reported to grow in a variety of colours.  Recently (5 December 2017) Medical News reported a range about carrots.

  • Carrots have antioxidants.  They may be a prevention for cancer
  • They have Vitamin A, help prevent vision loss
  • They contain protein, fibre, Vitamin C, Calcium, iron, potassium, sodium and other minerals and Vitamins

Unknown to many Canadian governments have been working to help Canadians lose weight and learn more about health using an app.  Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play the app is named “Carrot Rewards”.

Carrot2Linked to your phone the app tracks the number of steps you take on a daily basis.  Based on what it collects after you download it sets a f\goal for you, how many steps you need to walk 10/14 days to get a reward.  You can link it to a Fitbit or Smartwatch, and other devices that can count your steps.  The app also gives tests/information about health that gives its users more information about healthy living.

The app is partnered with the Public Health Agency, Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, BC Healthy Living Alliance, Diabetes Canada, YMCA, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  The reward is points for the loyalty program you choose – Aeroplan, SCENE, Petro-Points, More Rewards, and Drop.

By many walking is often considered an easy fitness activity.  The only fitness gear it requires is walking shoes, preferably running shoes.  Some fitness trainers encourage walking as much as you can not just on the street – taking the long route from the bedroom to the kitchen, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking while waiting in the grocery line or waiting for the crosswalk light to change, and walking in the shower.  Walking is considered to be an activity that can be added to any lifestyle.

Bugs Bunny is always snacking on a carrot.  He also walks at a rapid speed (runs).  It can’t be denied that he is pretty healthy for a bunny over 60 years old.  He was great in basketball, had the brains to recruit Michael Jordan and was a leader in helping the Earth cartoons win!  It hasn’t been confirmed if Bugs Bunny will start using Carrot Rewards when he is in Canada after waking up from hibernation; unfortunately today he can only use the app in Newfoundland, Ontario, and BC.  Whether he will move from Quebec to Ontario so he can use Carrot Rewards hasn’t been confirmed but he is likely to keep eating.

Carrot Rewards itself stated that it ended 2017 with over 600,000 users who had walked 420 billion steps.  On December 22 Carrot Rewards received the Mobile Syrup Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Canadian Developed App”.  The question for 2018: will it jump far, hop along, or just take steps?  Users could take the carrot to unusual levels, snacking on it more than ever or just walking more and keeping track.  Others who are not fond of carrot can turn to other fruits and vegetables to improve health (not all of them have their own app); carrot users are also encouraged to use other fruits and vegetables.

Vege bowl with breadFruit bowlCarrot3


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