John Tory: The Lucky Mayor Winning Moneyless Bets

He doesn’t dominate the slots but he could dominate the bar
Rahman Mohamed

Toronto sports teams.  With fans they’ve been a joke for years.  A win by a Toronto team was considered a miracle.  Recently, as they actually improved, entered the post-season and won games , even championships they’re getting more respect from fans and rivals too.  Toronto is considered the city to have the most loyal fans, fans that will support the team even if they’re dead last and have no chance; proof: Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Blue Jays have had full stadiums and sky high ticket prices even when their records were bad.

Nobody has found the most loyal and fanatic fan; selfies and media are always trying to out-perform.  There’s a competition: where will you see the crazy fans – Instagram, TV, local paper, in person.

Toronto’s mayors have always been involved in fandom, trading in the suite for a jersey during playoffs and declaring support for the team in open council and to the media.  Whether or not Mayor John Tory is a crazy loyal fan is not known.  What is known: he’s the good luck charm for Toronto teams, knowledgeable about sports, the mayor of a city with teams that have drastically improved, or just lucky.

It’s common among mayors to place friendly wagers on sports teams, a bet on their own city between mayors during intense competitions – series games between rivals, boring political days or during a championship.  As mayor of a Toronto that has teams who have been in championship games John Tory is  no stranger.

In 2014 John Tory was elected mayor of the city of Toronto.  It was an election many were scared to bet on.  There were many frontrunners and twists in the game; Councillor Doug Ford took the place of then Mayor Rob Ford who was diagnosed with cancer while running for re-election.  The Mayor’s brother, Doug Ford, was running for re-election in Ward 2 (aka Ford Nation) took place Rob Ford’s place in the mayoral race.  Michael Ford is the nephew of Doug Ford; from TDSB Trustee he was elected as City Councillor for Toronto Ward 2, Ford Nation.  After being elected as Mayor John Tory has made his share of bets on sports teams.

The Toronto Argonauts are the CFL team with the city since 1873.  Since entering the CFL in 1958 they’ve won 7 Grey Cups, the championship trophy for the CFL.  In 2012 they held the cup.  2017 was their most recent appearance in the Grey Cup game.  Playing against the Calgary Stampeders Mayor Tory made a bet with Mayor Naheed Nenshi of Calgary, a tradition of the Grey Cup game, opposing mayors making a friendly wager.  In the end Mayor Nenshi was dressed in an Argonauts jersey.  Mayor Tory will receive a bottle of Calgary craft beer from the opposing mayor.  The Argonauts won 27-24; a Calgary food bank is guaranteed $135, $5 for every point scored by the winning team donated to a food bank by the losing mayor.  Chances are Mayor Tory will donate as well; when making the bet Tory encouraged donation to food banks (No bets have been made on the possibility of whom, what or when donation by Mayor Tory or Mayor Nenshi.will donate).

MLS is a recent creation.  The league was launched in 1996 a year after the Raptors came to town, host of 11 American clubs.  It wasn’t until late in the first decade of the 21st century that the MLS expanded North.  In 2007 Toronto FC (the Reds) became the first to hold MLS games on Canadian soil.  10 years later TFC broke their own and season records.  They defeated the defending champions (Seattle Sounders) in the championship rematch of the previous year.  The Reds held the Voyageurs Cup for the best team in Canada, the Supporters’ Shield for the team with the best regular season record, and the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy (aka MLS cup).  After back-to-back championship appearances, they not only brought the first MLS Cup to Canada, they brought a second championship to Toronto in 2017!  John Tory won another bet!  The mayors agreed: TFC victory means Jenny Durkan will light city hall red, wear a TFC scarf, and send a basket of Seattle “goodies” to John Tory; in the uneventful chance the Reds lost to the Sounders the Toronto sign would be lit green, Mayor Tory would wear a Seattle scarf and send a basket of Toronto goodies down south.  TFC’s record season means John Tory will see a basket that includes Starbucks coffee and salmon; he won’t have to send a basket that includes a cup of Tim Horton’s, peameal bacon and maple syrup; Seattle can still brave the snow and come to Toronto to get some.

The Toronto Blue Jays, Canada’s only member of the MLB are a recent winner of the World Series, championship of the MLB.  In 1876 (9 years after Confederation) 8 teams came together to form the MLB.  Over 100 years later (1977) the Blue Jays flew in.  They stayed on the ground their inaugural season, 23 of 26 in regular season.  In 1982 they reached the 12th branch.  The next year they were flying, 1st in regular season.  1985 they reached post-season.  1992 the Jays saw their first World Series and their first rings.  They did the same in 1993.  They saw post-season 2015 and 2016 but not 2017.

Every season after Toronto elected John Tory as Mayor the Toronto Raptors have been in the playoffs.  Unfortunately the Raptors haven’t reached the finals at anytime in their history, since becoming an official franchise in the NBA in 1995.  No Mayor including John Tory hasn’t had a chance to place his luck in a bet against another Mayor in the NBA.

Although they have won 13/30 of the Stanley Cup series they appeared as part of the original 6 of the NHL in 1917, it’s known across the city, sports fanatics and office staff: the Toronto Maple Leafs last Stanley Cup win and appearance was 1967 when they defeated the Montreal Canadiens; Montreal last won the Cup in 1993, the last team from the North to hold it.  Edmonton Oilers haven’t won many Stanleys; their 1984/85 team is among the the top 10; the Oilers have the most spots in the top 10; Leafs hold none.  Today the Leafs are fourth in the season, second in division/conference, surprising many they started the season first in the league and held the spot for weeks, not just a day; since the 2017/18 season began they have been guaranteed a playoff spot.  Mayoral bets are common between Toronto vs. Ottawa and Toronto vs. Montreal in NHL playoffs.  Whether it’s a Western Canadian or an American team Mayor Tory may have a chance to wager a bet against another mayor this season, the first in over 50 years to have the chance to wager in favour of Toronto in the NHL!

They’re playing in the UK but the Toronto Wolfpack does have a following in its home town. Their games were streamed on CBC Sports.  2017, their premier season they started at the low level.  They won the championship to raise themselves to a higher league.  They won the Kingstone Press League 1; together with the championship they’ve advanced to the Kingstone Press Championship (second tier league); if they win the championship there in 2018 they’ll advance to play in the Championship Shield in 2019, the highest in ranks.  No word of a bet by John Tory.

The 2018 Ontario Municipal Elections are in October 2018.  John Tory might be the lucky mayor who’ll win all his bets as he brings more championships to TO!  The lucky mayor might bring Stanley Cup in Toronto before his term ends!  He’ll be a legend: the Mayor that brought multiple championships to Toronto not just one!  The Mayor that was a living Lucky Loonie.  Becoming legendary all depends on whether the Lucky Mayor is willing to make risky bets for the team.


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