Mo With Chin and Cheek, Santa Only Scrubble, or Clean Jack Frost

To keep or not to keep? That is the question (bro and sis have the answer)

Rahman Mohamed

As we enter the last weekend of Movember you probably saw Mo on Bro.  What began as a campaign to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer has grown into one encouraging men to be open about health difficulties including Mental Health to break stigma and to not view health as an attack on masculinity.

Movember rules are based on starting the month clean shaven.  A Bro can trim or fashion a Mo throughout the month but it’s not supposed to be shaved off the month or be part of other facial hair; other facial hair can be there but just not part of the Mo.  What kind of facial hair to ladies really like?  Unsurprisingly some have studied it.

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How Close is Doomsday?

clock 2The clock keeps moving but the alarm never goes off
Rahman Mohamed

Whenever something starts you know there’s going to be an end (This is the start of the article; there will be an end).  Homo Sapiens were created/evolved; there’s been continuous debate of the start.  No matter when or how human life on Earth started, whether it includes all life on Earth or just the planet’s most annoying species, there’s going to be an end.  The question: when and how? Continue reading

The Freeze: A Sequel to the Big Chill

Hopefully not something that will effect a lake near you
Rahman Mohamed

3 years earlier in Canada (2014) the Conservative government under Stephen Harper produced what was known as “The Big Chill“.  In this picture, one that was a hit at the box office of Canadians and reviewed across the media landscape, the story was based on scientists who worked under the government being told “Don’t tweet, post or talk to the media about your work.  That’s an order”.

Justin Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister in November 2015; cold was entering the environment in the Great White North when he was elected, but in less than a week the “Science Frost” appeared; on November 8 CBC reported that a short story by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had premiered on screens: “Scientists’ and Government Ministers’ Lips Unsealed“. This new picture was an immediate hit.  In fact, it was so popular that a scientist’s post was reported to be going viral.  After its unexpected premier and a steady run in the box offices “The Big Chill” seemed to have run its course.

It has just been learned that what appears to a sequel to “The Big Chill” is slowly appearing on screens in the United States.  Viewers say that President of the United States of America Donald Trump is tremendous in playing the role of the evil villain, the anti-science silencer in addition to Lead Producer and Director.

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