The Freeze: A Sequel to the Big Chill

Hopefully not something that will effect a lake near you
Rahman Mohamed

3 years earlier in Canada (2014) the Conservative government under Stephen Harper produced what was known as “The Big Chill“.  In this picture, one that was a hit at the box office of Canadians and reviewed across the media landscape, the story was based on scientists who worked under the government being told “Don’t tweet, post or talk to the media about your work.  That’s an order”.

Justin Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister in November 2015; cold was entering the environment in the Great White North when he was elected, but in less than a week the “Science Frost” appeared; on November 8 CBC reported that a short story by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had premiered on screens: “Scientists’ and Government Ministers’ Lips Unsealed“. This new picture was an immediate hit.  In fact, it was so popular that a scientist’s post was reported to be going viral.  After its unexpected premier and a steady run in the box offices “The Big Chill” seemed to have run its course.

It has just been learned that what appears to a sequel to “The Big Chill” is slowly appearing on screens in the United States.  Viewers say that President of the United States of America Donald Trump is tremendous in playing the role of the evil villain, the anti-science silencer in addition to Lead Producer and Director.

It has not received many reviews but was reported by Scientific American, an American science magazine dating back to 1845; Nova’s Rays has it as “The Freeze”.  Scientific American reported that the first scene involved the Environmental Protection Agency and US Department for Agriculture emailing its workers on January 24 that “press releases and external communications about taxpayer-funded work would stop until further notice“.  Although “The Freeze” has not left the shores of to the United States it has received some coverage across the Atlantic; BBC has called it “Trump’s ‘control-alt-delete’ on climate change policy“.  North of the 49th it is being related to the Harper silencing as a “media blackout” by CTV and “muzzled” by CBC.  Unexpectedly this picture includes American scientists that react.

The National Park Service is reported to have been in a scene that involved an official Tweet of climate change; the film shows the Twitter account but doesn’t show the Tweet.  “The Freeze” shows social media experts reporting that National Park Service played the scene of Tweeting about climate change but the scene was edited out by Director President Donald Trump.  In reaction Twitter accounts that are “unofficial” and “unverified” appear.  They display a great deal of emotion and communication, allowing scientists to communicate with the public, but haven’t reached out to an audience as large as their official accounts.  Almost immediately after the official NASA account is muzzled (January 24) a rogue Twitter account appears (25 January) on scene.

Unexpected additions to the script, recently found, are likely to play a role when “The Freeze” is reviewed worldwide.  Not officially approved by the administration (an unofficial and unverified Twitter account) the @RogueNASA character is reported to have appeared; on monitors it has overwhelming public support from those who know it and a growing fan base; last reported it had over over 760,000 Followers on January 30, a rise 650,000 Followers on January 27, dramatic compared to 42,000 Followers on premier day January 25.

@RogueNASA is new on the stage it has already started giving endorsements.  Punxsutawney Phil was brought to light yesterday, February 2, an encore to his performance last year.  @RogueNASA spoke about his history and reputation the same day.

It also speaks about its role on film, a connection between science and politics.

Officially @NASA, the official character and originally scripted in “The Freeze” has just over 21 million followers.

Its counterparts include the National Park Service.  @AltUSNatParkService, an unexpected addition to screens and monitors, was brought into the show by @NationalParkService.  @AltUSNatParkService stepped onto the Twitter set in May 2015 but began its career in “The Freeze” in 2017.  It’s first line was a simple Retweet

On January 30 @AltUSNatParkService had over 230,000 fans on Twitter while @NationalParkService was further ahead with 420,000 fans.

Earlier today (February 3) – @RogueNASA: 841,071; @NASA: 21,607,997
@NationalParkService: 423,590; @AltUSNatParkService: 63,162

In reaction to its premier there are reports of a documentary soon to be released to compete with “The Freeze”.  Within days of President Trump’s inauguration there was a protest by women, a Women’s March; it was supported worldwide.  Currently there are many marches against the blocking of immigrants.  There are reports that the Scientists’ March is set to debut on April 22 in Washington, DC; the release coincides with Earth Day.  How it will effect the performance “The Freeze” is being speculated.

“The Freeze” has not received as much notice by viewers as “Keys to Keystone XL” but it is likely to be in the running for worst policy award of the “First Year of the Donald Trump Presidency” ceremony.  Today “Temporary Ban Not Including Trump Hotel Lands” and “The Great Wall of America” are favourites world wide.

There’s still a couple of months before the Award is handed out.  Who knows what will premier next?


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