How Close is Doomsday?

clock 2The clock keeps moving but the alarm never goes off
Rahman Mohamed

Whenever something starts you know there’s going to be an end (This is the start of the article; there will be an end).  Homo Sapiens were created/evolved; there’s been continuous debate of the start.  No matter when or how human life on Earth started, whether it includes all life on Earth or just the planet’s most annoying species, there’s going to be an end.  The question: when and how? Continue reading

O Canada; Possible Lyric Rewrite?

Gender equality, the only glitch in “O Canada”?
Rahman Mohamed

After a court battle in 2015 the Supreme Court gave the federal government until 6 June 2016 to create a bill legalizing Doctor Assisted Suicide.  Passing reading in the House of Commons on May 31 it is now faced by the Senate.  On May 30 Toronto Star reported Parliament would likely miss the deadline and that the Bill has brought division within Parliament as well the Liberal government.  Assisted Suicide is the prime focus of Parliament but it is expected to face a new challenge soon: O Canada.

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Hierarchy in Human Rights?

York and Ontario must decide because a boy didn’t want to work with girls
Rahman MohamedVari Hall

On January 9 The National Post reported that York University told Sociology Professor Paul Grayson (currently teaching AP/SOCI 2030 Sociological Research Methods and AP/SOCI 3480 Organizations, Work and Society; both online courses) to not force an unnamed to student to work with women because he said it was against it was against his religious beliefs.

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