Crossword of Canada

Learn more about a country – culture and history while having fun (possible only in Canada)
Rahman Mohamed

Canada - no answers

What do you know about the Great White North?  Hint: you can find answers on Nova’s Rays.  Come back soon for the answers.

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Discrimination: Alive in 21st Century North America

More than ever before
Rahman Mohamed
Updated 5 March 2017

Prejudice: judgement based on a single aspect; considering someone to act and behave in a certain way because of a certain quality. Discrimination: dividing a group of people into multiple groups using prejudice.  Ableism: creating an us and them using disability, a prejudgement of persons with disability second-class to “normal” people or people without a visible disability is a relatively new form of discrimination.  North America has battled discrimination since the landing of the Europeans.  Aboriginals, Indigenous persons, Inuit, and others were classified as second-class.  Although it as made strong gains in attempts to silence discrimination it is still alive in North America, both within society and among social leaders in Canada and United States. Continue reading

O Canada; Possible Lyric Rewrite?

Gender equality, the only glitch in “O Canada”?
Rahman Mohamed

After a court battle in 2015 the Supreme Court gave the federal government until 6 June 2016 to create a bill legalizing Doctor Assisted Suicide.  Passing reading in the House of Commons on May 31 it is now faced by the Senate.  On May 30 Toronto Star reported Parliament would likely miss the deadline and that the Bill has brought division within Parliament as well the Liberal government.  Assisted Suicide is the prime focus of Parliament but it is expected to face a new challenge soon: O Canada.

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