Understanding Syria

An intense conflict; friends and foes fighting side-by-side
Rahman Mohamed
Updated April 9, 2017

Today when a someone hear’s “Syria” they often think of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and Levant), or DAESH (Arabic acronym for ISIS).  What’s commonly misunderstood is the complications of the conflict in Syria.  Today conflict in Syria is made up of civil war, war against terrorism, and proxy wars that are evolving into direct war involving nations outside of Syria. Continue reading


Discrimination: Alive in 21st Century North America

More than ever before
Rahman Mohamed
Updated 5 March 2017

Prejudice: judgement based on a single aspect; considering someone to act and behave in a certain way because of a certain quality. Discrimination: dividing a group of people into multiple groups using prejudice.  Ableism: creating an us and them using disability, a prejudgement of persons with disability second-class to “normal” people or people without a visible disability is a relatively new form of discrimination.  North America has battled discrimination since the landing of the Europeans.  Aboriginals, Indigenous persons, Inuit, and others were classified as second-class.  Although it as made strong gains in attempts to silence discrimination it is still alive in North America, both within society and among social leaders in Canada and United States. Continue reading

Students for Syria at York

Student movements and campaigns for Syrians at York University
Rahman Mohamed

Presently there’s a fragile truce organized led by USA with cooperation from Russia and present Syrian president Bashar al-Assad; it does not include rebels and has seen a continuation of exchange in fire. Using the truce the UN is working to bring humanitarian aid to war stricken areas. Journalists including CBC are using it to gather information and provide pictures of war-torn regions.  Throughout the war community activists to bring attention to the crisis and have created opportunities for the public to assist.  This includes students at York University.

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