Dementia, Delirium, Dyslexia

Not all D’s are the same
Rahman Mohamed

Dementia: an impairment in how you think that can effect your social function

Delirium: a state of confusion related to a medical treatment

Dyslexia: a process in the brain that makes it harder for a person to understand written information

Dementia, delirium and dyslexia all have an effect of how a person thinks and expresses.  They have similarities but are not the same. Continue reading


Trouble With Tics

Doing not choosing
Rahman Mohamed

Yesterday, 30 July 2015, CBC reported that a man named Graham Kent was kicked out of a bar.  Reportedly he was making noise and was thought to be on drugs.  Unfortunately he was only displaying symptoms of Tourette Syndrome.  It is not a mental illness.  Being a problem of the brain though it is often misunderstood and stigmatized.

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Answers to the Mental Health Crossword

Rahman Mohamed

Read the answers and learn more about mental health

Read the answers and learn more about mental health

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword.  Read the clues below to learn more about mental health. Continue reading