Local Page Turners; Screens Not Required

Books that were at the top in Toronto, 2022

Rahman Mohamed

Did you know the world beyond the screen exists? It’s true!

In Toronto, Ontario (Canada) not only did people read this year (2022) but they went to their local libraries! A book club was started on TikTok. On December 5 the Toronto Public Library released its annual list of most borrowed books.

Publicly available image, front cover

Among adults The Maid by Nita Prose came out on top. Somebody did something in 2022; The Maid was first published in late January. It’s about a girl who has trouble with social skills and gets guidance from her grandma. After grandma dies Molly Gray is forced to navigate the world herself. She’s then caught up in a drama that looks like Clue. The TPL says it has

charm and smarts of a vintage Agatha Christie mystery, it is no surprise that The Maid was our most borrowed book this year.

It’s already being adapted to the screen starring Florence Pugh. A mystery and thriller and debut novel in 2022 (a sequel year).

Publicly available image, front cover

Number 2 on the Adult List 2022 was Atomic Habits by James Clear, on the list in 2020. Self-help. Seems Torontonians like doing that.

Book readers brought Book Lovers by Emily Henry (another 2022 release) to number 9. It is considered that the heroine has a life of books, makes sense she resonates with bookworms. It’s considered immersive and an easy read as Nora Stephens goes on a holiday to a small town and gets a change.

Teens in Toronto sent Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas to the top of the library list. It’s 7 and final in the Throne of Glass series, a fantasy filled with action and drama. Second place was 6 of Crows by Leigh Barduga part of The Grishaverse novels. The teens read, not just watch Netflix; the second season in the series will debut there 2023, screen competitor for the pages.

According to the Toronto Public Library adults liked the “Tell me something new about the world” story and Teens liked the “Take me somewhere different” story; neither wanted to stay in the city as it was. Some screens have seen. Screen content might be raising in time across generations but looks like it’s facing competition with Page Content (Screen content was used to learn more about page content). There might not be time to get a new copy for this year but there’s still time to read something – book, chapter, page, or even a word. Some might have to blow off the dust first. The page turners can always be a resolution.


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