The Islam Crossword

Rahman Mohamed

Today Islamophobia has become a common term.  It is used to describe fear of Islam and Muslims.  With the current events in Syria and terrorism Islamophobia growing.  Some say terrorism has been equated with Islam and Muslims today.  The recent attacks in the United States and Britain, most recently in Manchester has risen fear of Islam and Muslims.  Much of this fear is based on misunderstanding.

The theme of this crossword is Islam.  It includes Arabic terms used in Islam and by Muslims.  It also includes names of persons and locations associated with Islam that have contributed to historical and local culture and society.  Check back later for the answers.

Islam - no answers


1. Name of the holy book in Islam. It is composed of Sura and Aya, plural for an Ayat. A Sura is Arabic for chapter and Ayat is Arabic for a verse. It affirms the validity of the Torah and Bible as guides revealed by God.

5. Arabic word used in the names of festivals (plural).

8. Declaration made by all Muslims, an affirmation that they are Muslims.

11. Arabic word for a practice observed by Muslims during the 9th month of the Hijri calendar.  Ramadan is considered the holiest month by Muslims. In English this practice is referred to as fasting or abstinence.

12. Arabic word for spirit.

13. Name of the sacred mosque in Mecca. Prior to the revelation of Islam it was the home of idols. Islam declares that God cannot be displayed as a physical image or icon.  When Mecca was taken by Muslims all idols in this mosque were destroyed.

17. Name of the son-in-law and cousin of Muhammad. On the night of Prophet Muhammad’s trip from Mecca to Yathrib he slept in Prophet’s bed.  The Prophet journeyed with Abu Bakr who became the first Caliph after the death of the Prophet.

18, Term used for the call to prayer. It includes “Allahu-Akbar”, Arabic for “God is Great”. It was first recited in Medina by Bilal.

19. A head-scarf (plural).

21. First wife of Muhammad and one of the first to accept his message. She was a businesswoman who employed Muhammad before marriage. Until her death she was a strong supporter and protector of the Prophet when he first began spreading the message of Islam.  Today she is respected and remains a role model.


2. Translated from Arabic this word means “people”. It is used in reference to the community of Muslims.

3. The name used by Muslims for the Upper Being.

4. A branch of Islam associated with mysticism.

6. An Arabic word used to refer to a person of authority in Islam.

7. A renowned Muslim scholar (two words). One of his greatest publications is Canon of Medicine. It was used by Europeans during the renaissance.

9. A university in Egypt built by Muslims during the Fatimid Empire. Today the name is shared with a nearby park.

10. The ceremony in which a person becomes a Muslim.

14. Holy beings that reside with God (plural).

15. The first Sura of the holy book in Islam.

16. The terms used for the migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca. Facing persecution and hostility in Mecca he migrated to a neighbour city then known as Yathrib in the early years of his mission. It is used to mark the first year of Muslims’ calendar.

19. Arabic word for the constant remembrance of God.

In the past, based on their geographic location, Arabs used a lunar calendar.  To ensure festivals and special occasions are continually observed on the same day the Hijri calendar, a lunar calendar is used.  A new month begins in the evening, on the night of the new moon.

Ramadan has begun.  The answers to this crossword will be posted after the celebration at the end of Ramadan (hint).


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