The voting begins but they still play their cards

The final words; the final messages
Rahman Mohamed
Last updated Wednesday, April 13, 2013, 6:04pm EDT

First up, April 6, 2013: Justin Trudeau.  Subject: “It’s in your hands”

Who’s going to take it?

Rahman Mohamed

Throughout the race mainstream Canadian media including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and CBC has been saying he has no challengers, there’s no point in voting, it’s a clear victory: Trudeau, Justin.  According to polls Canadians think Trudeau is a definite and say they’re more likely to vote Liberal in the next election if Trudeau is the leader.  But if you ask one Canadian, it’s going to be close. Continue reading


Episode 6: Courteous Coyne

Rahman Mohamed

More than a week after Cauchon sent the first supporter his grab email, Coyne – lawyer, university professor, constitutional activist, and public servant – sends out hers. Continue reading