Episode 6: Courteous Coyne

Rahman Mohamed

More than a week after Cauchon sent the first supporter his grab email, Coyne – lawyer, university professor, constitutional activist, and public servant – sends out hers. She starts by saying

Dear friends,
Many of you are new supporters of the Liberal Party of Canada, and this is my first time communicating with you. Let me say welcome, and thank you for taking this step to building a better country for yourselves and for all Canadians.

Acknowledging that because she might not be the first choice she politely asks if she can share why she should be second choice. Her reasons:

1. Strong national leadership
2. Working together at the national level, not “imposing blueprints or micromanaging matters better left to other levels of government”
3. Pursuing national healthcare care and environmental standards nationally
4. “My Roadmap to One Canada for All Canadians outlines how we can accomplish this with a comprehensive set of policy proposals”
5. Move past the polarized left and right

Using a P.S. she ends her message asking for a donation to her campaign like the others, but more courteously than the other candidates.

Coyne courtesy might go a long way.


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