Episode 5: Murray’s Messages

Rahman Mohamed

Next up is, “A New Direction For Liberals”.  According to the message with this subject, Joyce Murray – a former provincial BC Liberal MPP and Provincial Environment Minister and current federal MP for Vancouver Quadra who wrote an MBA thesis on climate change – saying she doesn’t need to play catch-up with Canadians like the Conservatives, what Preston Manning is urging them to do, because she’s in touch with them.
She’s an immigrant, an entrepreneur, and “a champion of the environment – the true driver of a sustainable economy.”  If Canada wants to become “modern, democratic, healthy and prosperous” it needs political cooperation and electoral reform.  The first half is in English followed by a translation in French.

A week later her endorsements came in. The first was the sender, “Jamie Carroll — Team Joyce Murray”; Jamie Carroll is the campaign manager. The body of the message has endorsements from David Suzuki, Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette, and Member of Parliament for Kingston and the Islands, Ted Hsu. First in English and then the very same in French

Her next message takes a bit of an old route with a new twist.  A day before the National Toronto Convention she writes about cooperation with the NDP and Green Party to defeat Stephen Harper.  After saying that Elizabeth May has already agreed to ask a member of the Green Party to not run in the by-election in Labrador so the Liberals can win, there’s a link to survey that says “Click here to weigh in!” and asks Liberals how strongly they agree with her statement of

Canada is too important to let Stephen Harper win another majority due to vote-splitting. In 2015, the Liberal Party should empower local riding associations to cooperate with other parties and defeat the Conservatives. After the election, electoral reform should be our top priority.

Murray’s messages: old and diverse (but diversely endorsed).


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