Episode 4: Findlay Brags

Rahman Mohamed

Whether the other candidates’ emails came from their staff or were written by the candidates, in some way they were personal messages; they said “I want you to support me”.  But according to the first one, everyone “at Team Martha Hall Findlay” believes Findlay is #1.
She has many characteristics that make her stand out including “substantive, gusty, transparent, and straight-talking leadership.”  And the message says that she has great policies too.  She has a “forward-looking vision” and believes that “we CAN have the parallel goals of economic prosperity, fiscal prudence, environmental sustainability, and social justice” that we need.  Then she lets the others brag for her – English words from the National Post, CBC, The Globe and Mail, and The Star Phoenix with French translations.
The next email, a personal message from Martha Hall Findlay – a lawyer, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and former MP for Willowdale – urges voters to watch the Montreal debate again.  She adds what about her they should watch for.
Findlay’s bragging – boost or bust?

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