Episode 3: McCrimmon’s Strategy

Rahman Mohamed

A couple of days after Liberals received an email from Trudeau, Karen McCrimmon – candidate for the Carleton-Mississippi Mills Riding – sent her own.

After saying she spent “Canada Day of 2004 in Afghanistan” and “Lester B. Pearson was the last veteran to serve as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada”, she says because she’s a veteran she knows about teamwork, “defense for those that can’t defend themselves”, and “above all, service to the country before self-interest.”

A week later she sent out another personalized email, saying that she’s done the impossible, made people vote Liberal even though pigs didn’t fly.
The end of the second email she asks for a donation using Coyne’s courtesy.
Her next email outlines her policies, where she stands on: economic development, cooperation with the NDP, electoral reform, leadership, veterans, and youth.
McCrimmon’s fight for the leadership hasn’t ended.

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