Fundraising and Supporters

Who’s ahead of who?
Rahman Mohamed

According to a poll reported by CTV/Ipsos Reid “Liberal support among decided voters at 33 per cent, [is] down three points from last month, the Conservatives [are] at 30 per cent, unchanged from last month, and the NDP up one percentage point to 28 per cent support“.

According to recently released 2nd quarter fundraising numbers by Elections Canada (NDP $1.37 million; Liberals $2.99 million; Conservatives $4.88 million, Bloc Québécois $0.069 million, Green Party $0.318 million), Conservatives raised more than the Liberals, NDP, Greens, and Bloc combined.

Harper’s Conservatives also saw the highest percentage drop in supporters from March to June 2013.

The NDP saw a slight increase in supporters but it was also the party that saw the greatest percentage drop in funds even though it’s the official opposition in Parliament today.

The only party to see a red change in both categories was Bloc Québécois.

Liberals and Green Party saw a rise in funds and supporters.  Trudeau’s Liberals far outstripped May’s Greens; the Liberals’ had the most supporters of the others.

The only question now, which is a better predictor of Canada’s future in 2015.


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