Episode 2: Trudeau’s Approach

Rahman Mohamed
Last updated April 5, 2013

Next up, media declared front-runner, MP of Papineau, Quebec – Justin Trudeau.

One month before the vote began, Trudeau sent out TWO emails (one in French, one in English) asking for input through a survey. All he asked: Are you going to vote for Trudeau as Number 1; If not which Liberal is number 1; is Trudeau number 2, if he isn’t number 1; do you want email updates from the campaign to help you make an “informed choice”? (French and English options)
Three weeks later he sent out another email asking members and supporters to fill out a survey.  This time the survey asked: Who’s your first choice; If Trudeau isn’t number one can he count on being number 2; Have you received your voter registration package with your PIN; what day do you plan to vote; can we send you a text message to remind you (if yes enter your cell number); a checkbox if you want to become a volunteer.
Less than a week later he sent out another email with instructions about HOW to vote saying:
I know you might still be making up your mind about who to support for Liberal leader, and with voting just a few days away I hope you’ll keep me in mind when you cast your ballot.
But if you’re already with me, I need you to make a voting plan and make sure you know when you’re voting, what your PIN is, and how to vote

This one had a link to the second survey too – Do you want to volunteer to text out reminders?

So he’s reaching out and helping Liberals whether they want him as leader or not.

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