The Final Stretch; Episode 1: The Many Words of Martin?

Rahman Mohamed

The Federal Liberals in Canada are in the last lap of their race.

After 9 candidates entered, only 6 names are running. George Takach logged out on January 25; Marc Garneau landed on March 13; David Bertschi withdrew on March 21.

The debates have ended so they’ve lost the chance to attack each other on in front of a crowd. Their last chance to deliver a message to a crowd on April 6 at Liberal Party of Canada’s National Showcase in Toronto, Ontario.

But that still doesn’t stop them keep them from reaching out to grab the votes through email before the ballots starting being sent in on April 6. Supporters can start voting online on the April 7, but those who attend the showcase can vote at the Showcase on April 6

How are they doing that? Tune in each night to find out.

Before the final debate in Montreal Quebec lawyer and MP Martin Cauchon reached out to Liberals saying “Have Your Say.”  In that email he wrote saying he’s met “many liberal-minded Canadians who are disturbed by the idea of cooperation with the NDP”. On his site he’s got a ton of questions for Canadians to interact, but all he answers with is “One of my main objectives is to be a Leader who will listen to what all Canadian Liberals have to say, both members and supporters, in order to further develop a platform that feeds from your ideas and reflects your most pressing concerns.” At the GTA debate, he was agreeing or simply stating facts instead of giving opinions or policies.

A week later he sent another email saying he’s “a leader who listens” urging supporters to register by the March 21st deadline so they could vote.

Soon after that he sent another message saying that he’s going against the other leaders; they send out messages with a political statement followed by a call to donate, adding that he’s been the only one who hasn’t asked for a donation since the race began. He doesn’t include any policies saying he believes it’s more important for leaders to communicate with supporters than raising funds.

The end of the message has a link that says “DONATE”

Seems Martin is a man of many words


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