The voting begins but they still play their cards

The final words; the final messages
Rahman Mohamed
Last updated Wednesday, April 13, 2013, 6:04pm EDT

First up, April 6, 2013: Justin Trudeau.  Subject: “It’s in your hands”
He says that over the last few months “we’ve offered Canadians proof that politics can be done differently” and that the success is owed to “your willingness to be part of this change” to your generous donations and willingness to “share our message of hope”.  Then he casually asks for a donation, “no matter what size”.
Next up, April 7, 2013: Martin Cauchon.  Subject: “It’s your turn / À vous de jouer”
Beginning with comments about Liberal leadership race entering its final phase, he then thanks voters for the “thoughtful and creative comments” they left on his “Have Your Say” portion of his website.  After that he reminds voters that they should have or will soon receive their PINS from the Liberal Party.  Don’t lose them he says, “you’ll need it to vote.”  But before casting votes he asks voters to look at the videos his team has been posting on his website.  The clips are named FOR DIVERSITY AND EQUALITY – VOTE MARTIN CAUCHON! and FOR A CLEAR VISION OF OUR FUTURE – VOTE MARTIN CAUCHON!
Hand 3, April 8, 2013: Martha Hall Findlay.  Subject: “More Endorsemen​ts, More Media, More Momentum for Martha! / Encore plus d’endossem​ents!”
After more bragging (more endorsements from different politicians, political groups and journalists), there’s a reminder about the highlights of her Toronto speech – “who will be the person who can best debate Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair”, “we will need someone on that stage who is experienced, clear, firm, decisive, no nonsense, and tough”.

Signed “Stephen Carter Martha Hall Campaign Strategist

Card 4, April 10, 2013: Joyce Murray.  A different plan.
Rather than sending an email, a call is received from a campaign worker of Joyce Murray reminding the Liberal of her “One Canada” plan, telling the Liberal about her past experience, why she stands out, and how long they have to vote.
Later that day a second call is received.  She talks about Murray’s endorsements.  Then she reminds the voter that it’s a preferential ballot, that the voter can vote for more than one candidate.  She says that it will be a happy day for us if Justin Trudeau is elected but the team hopes you’ll consider Murray.
3 days later, reaching out to those who haven’t voted, the endorsement comes in electronically from Senator Larry Campbell.  Subject: “Is business as usual good enough? | Est-ce que le statu quo est suffisant?”.  The message has Murray’s face, but it has a message signed by Campbell, endorising Murray, asking for a vote and a donation.

Card 5, April 10, 2013: Martin Cauchon.  Subject: “A Question of Vision / Une question de vision”
And Martin plays again.  After writing about what he said at the National Showcase in Toronto on Saturday “my experience, my determination, and my vision for Canada”, he provides links to his speech and a video of his speech.  Then there’s a link to his Have Your Say site and his new video Martin Cauchon: It’s never too late to enter the race.

The Final Hand, April 10, 2013: Karen McCrimmon. Subject: “Their Worst Nightmare, Canada’s Best Hope / Leur pire cauchemar, le meilleur espoir pour le Canada”
After giving a link to her speech at the Showcase and talking about the highlights – what she brings to the table – a tough target, a mediator, a mother, experience leading teams and missions, understanding responsibility from making life and death decisions, being a consensus and builder and team player, having credibility to talk about security differently, being positive and optimistic and believing on decisions based on evidence, not ideology, she says “It’s time to claim our politicals, our governance, and our future back. I can help make that happen.”  After the asking for a vote she asks for a donation.


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