Who’s going to take it?

Rahman Mohamed

Throughout the race mainstream Canadian media including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and CBC has been saying he has no challengers, there’s no point in voting, it’s a clear victory: Trudeau, Justin.  According to polls Canadians think Trudeau is a definite and say they’re more likely to vote Liberal in the next election if Trudeau is the leader.  But if you ask one Canadian, it’s going to be close.

In his closing speech he spoke about improving Canada using the power of the people and their voices, fighting back against Conservatives, saying he was one teacher who wasn’t afraid to fight back.

Some Liberals do say that there is only one candidate in the running; but there are others who say that French has been getting better; right now he’s an MP in Papineau, Quebec.
He might have a recognized name and face.  He might have raised more money than the other candidates and attracted more voters.  But the voters he attracted have heard his challengers and seen their faces.

Some have lost face and dropped out believing they had no chance against him and endorsed him; others like Karen McCrimmon who have no fear of attack ads from the Conservatives have stayed in the race because they have no fear of a loss against Trudeau.

Deborah Coyne is also a challenge that might block Trudeau’s path.  Even though she’s in the same position as McCrimmon, not a Member of Parliament like Trudeau, she’s drawn a map of how to unite Canada and lead the Liberals to victory in 2015.
Martin Cauchon a former member of Parliament defeated by current leader of the opposition Thomas Mulcair in 2011 is also a challenge.  On April 6 his final message was diversity, equal opportunity, and reaching out to Canadians.
Because of talk about unconventional cooperation with the NDP, Joyce Murray, MP for Vancouver Quadra might be a bit a weaker.  But because she’s taking her plan into action – asking Elizabeth May to leave the name of a member of the Green Party of the ballot in a by-election in Labrador to prevent vote splitting and emailing this information to registered Liberal voters – her chances are up.  She’s been endorsed by Independent Thunder Bay-Superior North MP Bruce Hyer and David Suzuki.  On top of that, the Liberal vote is a preferential ballot.  All ridings are given equal weight.  Trudeau is strong with the youth and known because of his name, but the name’s not as well liked in Quebec and the West.
Whether she’s a closer Trudeau challenger than Murray, Martha Hall Findlay – former MP who lost her seat to Conservative MP Chungsen Leung – also threatens Trudeau.  It’s her second try at the Liberal Leadership and she declared herself the underdog, but she has support across Canada.  Throughout her campaign she’s been discussing her diverse policies with the media and bringing them forward to Liberal party members and supporters.  She’s been endorsed by Canadian celebrities and delivered these endorsement quotes to Liberals with her plans.But that’s only because Garneau left early.Whoever takes second on April 14 it’s going to be close.

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