Post-Secondary Pays Off

More education, more likely to be employed and have an easier time paying of loans; Ontario leading
Rahman Mohamed

Canada and the world is still coming out the “Great Recession” but December saw a drop in Canadian employment levels as 46,000 jobs were lost; unemployment for 25-54 year-olds increased to 6.1%, but still below the national rate of 7.2% and the youth rate of 14.0%. But according to Statistics Canada, if you’re well educated, you’re more likely to get a job and you’re more likely to earn more money.

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A Page From a First Year’s Diary

October 1, 2013

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it!  I’m finally at YORK! And it’s AMAZING!

I can’t get stop thinking about how I haven’t seen mom for over a month!  It’s like heaven!  No one nagging me about clothes on my floor, or to my laundry or to do my homework, or to even take a bath.  I’ve been taking showers (every other day, not every day). Continue reading

York Frosh: Keeping Skirts and Jeans Down at Parties

Learning PANTS (Patience; Assault’s Not Trendy Sex) not chanting YOUNG
Rahman Mohamed

First week in and York already made the news. On  CTV: “Police [are] in search for a sexual assault suspect” for a sexual groping, “touching her in an inappropriate manner” at a Frosh party on Stong College according to the Security Bulletin released by York on September 6.  On September 18 The Excalibur reported an arrest in relation to a sexual assault on September 15.  Week three and Security Bulletin 1 is issued for its Glendon campus. But compared to what first-years learnt at the Orientation/Frosh weeks at other schools, York is “sexually tame”.

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