York Frosh: Keeping Skirts and Jeans Down at Parties

Learning PANTS (Patience; Assault’s Not Trendy Sex) not chanting YOUNG
Rahman Mohamed

First week in and York already made the news. On  CTV: “Police [are] in search for a sexual assault suspect” for a sexual groping, “touching her in an inappropriate manner” at a Frosh party on Stong College according to the Security Bulletin released by York on September 6.  On September 18 The Excalibur reported an arrest in relation to a sexual assault on September 15.  Week three and Security Bulletin 1 is issued for its Glendon campus. But compared to what first-years learnt at the Orientation/Frosh weeks at other schools, York is “sexually tame”.

Uploaded onto YouTube by The Baron, Saint John’s independent Student Newspaper, the Frosh chant from St. Mary’s University is getting close to 100,000 since being uploaded on September 5. It’s getting so many hits it’s even running ads. Why? It says:

SMU boys we like them YOUNG

Y is for your sister
O is for oh so tight
U is for underage
N is for no consent
G is for grab that ass

Now the President, Jared Perry, has lost his job, being forced to resign, admitting to CTV on September 6 that he should never have approved the chant, saying, “It’s a mistake. It’s definitely the biggest mistake I’ve made throughout my university career and probably my life,”

York’s Colleges all had their own cheers. But even the most obscene chant from Stong College (where no Frosh wants to be today), featured on YouTube and entitled “Let’s Get Naked” is one that says “I want sex, but I want your consent; I’m not going to rape you” (Either that or let’s all go for a pool party right now).  All it says (four times in a row) “Hey Stong, ‘Let’s get naked!’”; since August 28 it’s got less than 200 views.

Together with the safe cheers, there were pan-University events at York about safe sex. On September 3 at the Rexall Centre there was a talk from former CFL and NFL quarterback Don McPherson entitled “Consent” – about safe sex and consent.

To top off the “tame” and celebrity talk there were the “Condom Olympics” – funny games using condoms and other safe sex tools to help educate Frosh about safe sex – at Bethune, Winters, Founders, and Stong.

McLaughlin decided on Sexual Jeopardy, a bit similar to Winters’ Dirty Bingo, and Glendon’s Great Canadian Sex Quiz – using sex and dirty language to educate new Yorkies about intercourse with condoms and other safe sex tools and handing out prizes (including safe sex tool prizes).

Compared to other schools, York students know rape’s not the way to go.


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