Words to Honour

Rahman Mohamed

Remembrance Day Crossword

This crossword is to honour those who’ve lived and died in wars.

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Canada: A Nation Overseas?

A nation that might possibly increase its Atlantic and Pacific coastline
Rahman Mohamed

After the American election there were immediate reports of California proposing to leave the United States in response to the Presidency of Donald Trump.  There were propositions of California becoming its own nation or joining Canada with other Western Democratic states.  In terms of California Canada has seen movement in business; some have moved North while others have moved south.  #Calexit is still strong on Twitter.

Prior to this a new account advertising and supporting the California referendum (@YesCalafornia) has appeared and has been verified by Twitter.

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The Ball From Beyond

Brazil’s football team out of the flight for the World Cup.  But was it because of their feet or the Ball?
Rahman Mohamed

As Brazil battled Germany today for a spot in the final, people around the world were watching the ball, wondering where it would fly.  Halfway through the first half Germany took the lead 5-nil and scored 2 in the second to end the game 7-1.  Germans say it was because of the talent of their players.  Brazilians say because Neymar was out with fractured vertebra and their captain was suspended for receiving two yellow cards in two games.  But there are rumours circulating that it was all because of the ball.

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