Words to Honour

Rahman Mohamed

Remembrance Day Crossword

This crossword is to honour those who’ve lived and died in wars.


  1. Two words. A well-known music star. He wrote a hit entitled “War”
  2. A soldier who return from a war alive
  3. Two words. A Canadian who wrote a poem that is now known worldwide.
  4. Two words. A chain of mountains in Northern France. Its capture is considered a turning point in WW1.
  5. Plural. A red flower associated with persons who died in war.
  6. Friends/comrades; persons who work together during a war/battle.


  1. November 11. It’s been named this in Canada to honour all, on field and off field, in war. A period of silence is held on the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month.
  2. Persons who aren’t directly involved in the conflict. They’re often considered by-standers.
  3. What a soldier is known to persons when their lives are saved.
  4. Persons involved in wars are most often affected by this mental health illness.
  5. A group of soldiers.
  6. An open area known by this name. It is the title of a poem written by a Canadian surgeon serving here in World War 1.

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