Nova’s Rays Exclusive: World War 3, Human vs. Not Human

EXCLUSIVE: Retrieval of conversation detected by ISS; Translated by international team (Europe, Canada, USA)

Rahman Mohamed

Below is a translation of a report revealed to Nova’s Rays by a confidential source. It was intercepted by the International Space Station and translated to English by cooperation between NASA, CSA, and ESA.  Changes have not been made.  The translation was provided by a silenced scientist. At this time the English translation below is only on available to those on Earth.

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Earth: The Planet that has Learned to Stand Still

It turns and moves but its inhabitants don’t.  It turns and moves but its inhabitants don’t; the most relaxing location according to Le SwenMcEdiarazcamay [Le SwenMcEdiarazcamay] annual planetary exchange rankings

Retrieved by Rahman Mohamed (Humour Editor)

(This article was not written by Rahman; it was retrieved through secret communications with Le SwenMcEdiarazcamay; the only change is a translation from Guenfr to English with the help of a professor at York University fluent in both languages from the system of Alpha Proximi who assisted with Legal, Political, Sociological and Philosophical research under the guise of a human)

So, now that completing an intergalactic educational exchange is mandatory to obtain a position on the super space operator, students everywhere are searching for the best planet. Well, from the experience of many who’ve travelled to the system of Sol and been to Earth, Mars, and Pluto: Earth is the best; and we do have legal agreements (though they are secret) with some of their schools.

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