Nova’s Rays Exclusive: World War 3, Human vs. Not Human

EXCLUSIVE: Retrieval of conversation detected by ISS; Translated by international team (Europe, Canada, USA)

Rahman Mohamed

Below is a translation of a report revealed to Nova’s Rays by a confidential source. It was intercepted by the International Space Station and translated to English by cooperation between NASA, CSA, and ESA.  Changes have not been made.  The translation was provided by a silenced scientist. At this time the English translation below is only on available to those on Earth.

Re: Mars Invasion of Earth

At this time it has been observed that a Plutonian attack has been released on Earth.  Earthlings have named the Plutonian weapon ‘COVID-19’ as it displays symptoms similar to other natural attacks from the virus category that is grouped is referred to as ‘Carona’.  Due to this it is unsafe to attack or greet Earthlings at this moment.

Earthlings are displaying an unprecedented behaviour of unity based on data that has been observed by Mars and Earthling data recovered by Mars.  At this time, although they are keeping each other away at a physical distance they appear to be socially uniting.  The Earthlings are assisting each other regardless of their differences!  It is as if they are behaving in a reverse evolutionary manner!

Today they are sharing their knowledge, goods, and services as if they have recognised they are in a war; it appears to be similar behaviour and attitude to their previous “World War” at which time the humans put aside their geographic origin and believed most strongly in principles and assisting others.

A clear indication of this can be observed in the continent Earthlings have named North America.  After completing the final block of required orbital cycles (years) of mandatory education, what is named ‘high school’, Earthlings are have normally been alive for less than 20 orbital rotations.  A ceremony named ‘graduation’ is completed to honour these students.  As the Plutonian attack (named COVID-19 by Earthlings) prevents the completion of the ‘graduation’ ceremony many schools across North America have utilised non-conventional methods to honour the completion of mandatory education.  In Walhalla, South Carolina and Stittsville, Ontario as well as other locations have honoured the young Earthlings by showing their portraits to locals in these towns.

Walhalla is located within the geographical boundary named ‘United States of America’.  Stittsville is located within the geographical boundary named ‘Canada’.  Although these two geographical areas share a boundary they have strong differences of social and individual behaviour and attitude they are expressing a strong correlation.

This is also seen in nations (geographical boundaries) with a continental divide (land masses separated by large bodies of H2O (water).  In this case persons within the borders of USA and Canada have both created areas where persons walking, using legs are expected to walk in a humorous manner.  This has been seen in multiple localities and is displayed in a variety of methods.

Within the United States of America popularisation of the same behaviour has been done through the use of video displayed through the Earth’s Internet on ABC WXYZ Detroit on 27 April 2020 before Canada displayed any visualisation.

Mark Sandiford, executive director of CreativeP.E.I., does his best impression of John Cleese of Monty Python fame on Charlottetown’s new silly walk crosswalk, located parallel to Queen Street across Richmond Street at Victoria Row. The idea came from a woman on the city’s arts advisory board.
Displayed to Earthlings on 26 September 2018 on The Guardian; Found at intersection of Richmond Row and Victoria Row in Charlottetown, UK

Within the European continent the nation which calls itself “United Kingdom” there are persons that do the same.  Although they began 2 orbital cycles earlier it is considered to be growing in popularity.

Currently Earthlings are working faster than ever to create a vaccine, a method to prevent the weapon of Pluto from affecting the Earthlings. In USA persons who are unaffected by Pluto’s weapon have volunteered to play a role in testing the vaccine for a very small incentive, the prevention. Although USA does show strong unity this is a level that is a rare strength.

In Canada there is multiple testing for a vaccine! This includes cooperation with Oxford in UK to complete testing in Saskatchewan, Canada as well as with cooperation with China, where the Plutonian attack is believed by Earthlings to have first originated, to further testing vaccines in Nova Scotia, Canada. Although cooperation between these 3 nations is common it has not been seen in this fashion in over 50 orbital cycles, since World War 2!

All Earthlings around the planet are expected to follow the strong regulations of washing hands and staying within their homes. Many Earthlings are doing this! They are showing an amazing amount of unity!

The reason for the attack on Earth by the inhabitants of Pluto is unknown.  There is some belief that it may be because of Pluto’s anger due to Earth’s removal of its planetary status to a lunar object orbiting Neptune.  As the Earthlings are strongly united in their current battle against the Plutonian attack, both in combating the attack in a physical and a mental manner, it is not an appropriate time for Mars to conduct an educational movement upon Earthlings regarding pollution and privacy invasion of a home, specifically our home. Also, the planets of Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have been honoured by Earthlings in their Periodic table; Mars has not despite our gift of Hydrogen to the Earthlings.

Although the Earthling leaders who call themselves Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Boris Johnson have been informed by the leader of the Mars fleet and offered our weapons against this attack they have not responded to us. It is suspected they originated in Uranus and are currently working with those from Pluto and believed to have the proper protocol to protect themselves. Donald Trump is publicly reported to be using medical resources for Malaria though Earthlings have not obtained proof of the effectiveness and has faced warnings. We do not have proof either.

The Earthlings have strong hope and expectations of having access to an Earth developed vaccine (protection) before the end of the current orbital cycle! This is expected to be an enormous strike to Pluto as well as an embarrassment to Mars as it was not able to develop protection until the end of the second orbital cycle after being attacked!

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