Trump’s Triumph: Unite

A US President uniting the world like never before, not fake news
Rahman Mohamed

Donald Trump was voted America’s man in October 2016.  Unless he does something seriously wrong and is forced to leave he’ll have a chance to be given the opportunity to become America’s great leader again until 2024 (just before the FIFA World Cup is hosted by Canada-USA-Mexico).  Since the Great Election, USA has been divided.  On Election day Americans believed they were being forced to choose the lesser of two evils.  Today many say they chose the greater rather than the lesser.

Agreements indicate President Donald Trump is a divider.  Some say he is a bully.  Reports suggest President Trump may be the greatest force to unite the world since WW2 and the Cold War.

Although WW2 was based on a division, Axis (Italy, Germany, and Japan) vs. Allies (USA, UK, France, USSR, Canada, and many others) it brought unity.  Nations of the world were together on the same field with the same goal – end the war (and not acknowledge the united effort in starting it).  The Cold War united the world – a superpower (not Superman) must take over the world.  USA and USSR led the battle; after uniting under the banner of Allies they united in the battle against Superman.  Although there are different perspectives the most common goal uniting today – Triumph of Trump.

  • Discrimination is known to have existed for centuries.  For centuries it united men and women in many battles including gender, race, and religion.  Many say discrimination of race and religion united nations in WW2 and the Cold War.  Today it is a leading player in uniting TRiUMPhers.  President Trump’s first official visit after elected was Saudi Arabia.  Later he signed an executive order banning persons from what are considered Muslim majority countries entrance to USA.  There was some division (5-4 ruling) the majority of USA Supreme Court united to uphold the President’s ban.  Today citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen are banned from USA in a bill that unites.  Unfortunately, despite belonging to Muslim majority countries, citizens of Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt, have only been united by not being included in the ban; it is unconfirmed whether they are united with the nations that are banned.
  • USA is an economic leader; it is taking a lead to unite the world in a trade war.  President Trump pulled USA out of a trade treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  Other nations have united, not let themselves be phased; the President’s plan of creating a stronger unity among nation-states involved in TPP is successful.  TPP has not fallen apart.  The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is undergoing renegotiations; Canada and Mexico have united.  President Trump also says he’s going to the World Trade Organization (WTO) to challenge retaliatory tariffs against USA.  They appear to have appeared from a united front battling USA protection tariffs in a new trade war.
  • Climate change is one of the greatest factors uniting the world.  Unfortunately Canadians aren’t experiencing winters as cold as before; there is fear the toque will lose its place in fashion.  But Africans are seeing warmer summers.  As President Trump pulled USA out of the Paris Accord, an environment treaty signed by 175 countries.  To continue battling Climate Change without USA the remaining countries are being forced to unite, to raise their standards and unite in begging America to return to the Paris Accord.  If successful California may be boycotted for not exiting the USA when they had a chance.
  • Uniting the “United”.  In the recent visit to the United Kingdom from the leader of the United States of America, President Trump spoke with Prime Minister May.  At the end of their conference President Trump stated a union in trade between States and Kingdom was possible to bring unity.
  • Immigrants and their supporters have united.  Immigration has always been a competition – the richest, smartest, healthiest; anyone better than a local.  The first to come to America were chosen because they were the best of the best; Australians were just criminals.  There is unity to protect immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.  There’s also unity to protect fleeing Americans and those who surprisingly flee to USA (worldwide united surprise).
  • There is an united scream about uniting and ensuring unity of parents and children.  The world unites to support unity of families no matter where they flee.  With this President Donald Trump’s actions appear to bring more
  • Russia led USSR and has taken the USSR’s seat on the UN Security Council where USA and Russia are in a unity.  President Trump may bring unity between the two rivals stronger than ever before.  USSR and USA were rivals but were united as Allies in WW2.  Presidents Trump and Putin stated they are uniting as allies again.  They have united in blaming USA for all troubles between the two.  Signs suggest unity to transform two Presidents and nations into one is possible.

Today unity created by President Donald Trump is clearly celebrated as protestors walk under President Donald Trump as they did in London, UK.  Some suggest the President is seeking to unite so he can divide.  Only if one can divide can one conquer.  President Donald Trump shall unite.



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