Blown Away, Not Bored

Hoverboards, a near reality
Rahman Mohamed

Retrieved from Hendo Hover 19 August 2015

Once upon a time there was a prediction: In 2015 hoverboards will be the preferred mode of casual travel around the worldwide.   They might not be in stores today but the time is close.

Founded by Greg Henderson, ArxPax, parent company of Hendo Hover has begun to create.  Hendo Hover has created a technology whose existence has begun to rise.

Using existing technology in an unconventional way, the Hendo Hoverboard uses magnetic fields to raise it above ground.  With two “disc-shaped hover engines” Hendo sets up opposing magnetic fields to lift it off the ground.  This means that the engines release magnetic power to create the hoverboard and the ground into opposing magnets.  Designed to be a human powered technology, the magnetic helps the hoverboard move without touching the ground.  With over 3,000 backers who have pledged over half a million dollars to the project named “Kickstarter”, the first beta version, aka betaboards, were shipped out to the United States on August 13.

Hendo Hover is not alone.  Lexus has also entered the game.  Named “Slide” Lexus also used existing technology in an innovative way.  Working Maglev (magnetic levitation) technology, magnets, superconductors and liquid nitrogen, Lexus shows Slide as a re-invention of the skateboard that can fly over water.

Seeking to “do what has never been done before” Lexus first “levitated” Slide after 30 days of testing.  Then came the design and weight test.  Not being able to hold it was “back to the drawing board.”  Using magnets, super conductive material, and liquid nitrogen to cool the conductors that use magnetic power the hoverboard Slide doesn’t use electricity.  It runs on a specialized track containing permanent magnets.  On day 226 the “Search for hoverboard riders begins”.

Ross McGouran, pro skater and Lexus Hoverboarder says

When I came I think it wasn’t going in the direction they wanted it to go but when I seen it I was well excited about it and I said “I wanted to have a go.  Let’s see what it is capable of”. … We progressed quick, real quick.

Final testing took place in Barcelona.

Although Lexus has promoted Slide on YouTube on 6 August CTV reported that there is a prototype but there are no plans to sell it yet.  The time is nearing.