Let Bieber Be

He’s still a kid
Rahman Mohamed

So, it’s been reported now that Justin Bieber’s plane has been held up in New Jersey because there was the smell of pot.  This is after he was mug shot in Canada and America for alleged charges of DUI and assault.  He’s been in the media spotlight for going to a nightclub a day after turning himself in to a Police station in Toronto and receiving more than 100,000 signatures on a White House petition for deportation.  Isn’t he still a teenager?

Bieber is a pop star, but according to Erikson’s theory of the Psychosocial Self development, isn’t he a boy who’s supposed to be discovering his personal identity?

According to Erikson, at age 19 in the Intimacy vs. Isolation stage he’s supposed to be forming intimate loving relationships with others.  The only way he can do that is after completing the Identity vs. Role Confusion Stage.  The only way you can build an identity is by learning what you succeed at and what you fail at.  You have to try new things.

All teenagers go through that phase (Even the older Justin, aka Mr. Trudeau).  Bieber’s been in spotlight throughout his teenage years.  He hasn’t had a chance to go through the phase gradually like the teens that listen to his words, so he’s rushing through it now.

Let him grow up.  After he’s an adult he’ll behave like an adult so people can treat him like one.


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