Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Students Raising funds for Mesopotamian Refugees

York students raising funds and awareness for refugees in Iraq and Syria
Rahman Mohamed
Published on Excalibur, 24 November 2014

A movement across Ontario, Life of a Mesopotamian Refugee, built a campaign to raise awareness and funds for refugees in Syria and Iraq, former Mesopotamia, to display the conditions refugees face to local students last week.. This movement was led by the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union (ACSSU). ACSSU has branches at McMaster University in Hamilton, and York, Brock and Ryerson Universities in Toronto. All three played a role in Life of a Mesopotamian Refugee.

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The York Student Vote

Gathering municipal student votes, a core issue
Rahman Mohamed

As voting day for Ontario municipalities nears, campaigns grow more intense. Whether it’s gathering student votes or bringing election awareness, the student vote is starting to take centre stage at York University.

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Hierarchy in Human Rights?

York and Ontario must decide because a boy didn’t want to work with girls
Rahman MohamedVari Hall

On January 9 The National Post reported that York University told Sociology Professor Paul Grayson (currently teaching AP/SOCI 2030 Sociological Research Methods and AP/SOCI 3480 Organizations, Work and Society; both online courses) to not force an unnamed to student to work with women because he said it was against it was against his religious beliefs.

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