Who’s the WHO (World Health Organization)?

The global watchdog of the Earth’s wellbeing
Rahman Mohamed

With images of Syrian refugees living in extreme conditions, many Canadians are thanking their condition and thinking how to improve their situation.  They are trying to find the best meal.

Syrians in refugee camps are thinking more about where to sleep, how to keep their teeth clean, how to survive getting old, even though they will (hopefully) turn 45 at some point and thinking about the health of friends and family who’ve been taken prisoner and children in refugee camps.  There have been many fundraisers to help Syrian refugees.  To make sure the funds raised are used for most necessary health products there’s a UN body to oversee: the WHO (World Health Organization).

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Bad Air, Bad Health

The effects of pollution on health and how it can be avoided
Rahman Mohamed

Today global attention is focused on war and international relations.  But on November 20 CBC reported that a study by the McKinsey Global Institute revealed that obesity is costing the world’s economy almost $2 trillion, “nearly as much as smoking or the combined impact of armed violence, war and terrorism”.  According to The Guardian obesity costs the United Kingdom £47 billion a year, more than armed violence, and terrorism, but second in cost to smoking.

Factors for obesity include an unhealthy diet and lack of physical exercise.  In an article published 10 November, WebMD reported that in addition to lung cancer air pollution plays a role in many more health problems than lung cancer and can be just as bad as obesity.

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The Green Crossword

First published in MacMedia
March 2013, Volume 18, Issue 6

Green Crossword - no answers

Today is Earth Day and spring is here. This year in Canada it started on time instead of early. But for some reason Ontario is still getting snow. Because of Climate Change there are changes we need to make. Here’s crossword to help you learn more. Come back next week and you’ll get the answers.

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