Many Words of Donald Trump

In depth: An inside look at the President’s most recent statements and messages
Rahman Mohamed

Since his entry into the American Republican primaries Donald Trump ignited an interest in American politics.  When Kevin O’Leary entered the Canadian Federal Conservative primary he did the same.  O’Leary’s entrance was restricted to Canada, Trump has become an interest worldwide.  His victory in the primaries was expected by many.  Shocking the world, he upset the election, defeating Hillary Clinton and adding President of the United States to his resume.

Today he is a topic in daily conversations, media, and social media.  He uses Twitter on a regular basis to express his views.  He has also makes controversial remarks considered racist and divisive.  Many consider President Trump to be speaking in a non-presidential manner that divides America.

On 21 August 2017 Donald Trump gave a speech centered on the USA’s strategy in Afghanistan.  It is part of a growing list of behaviour that some call a reformation of Trump.

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Omar Khadr: A Journey To be Understood

Innocent or guilty; not yet truly known
Rahman Mohamed

Omar Khadr.  After spending time at Millhaven prison in Ontario, he was moved to a maximum security federal institution in Edmonton in May 2013.  While there he’s been studying – Shakespeare and Grade 11 algebra.  Not only that, but he’s an honour student, scoring 87 on a social exam.  The Edmonton Journal (2014) reported that Will Van Arragon, history professor at King’s University College, said Khadr was “particularly interested” in Alberta’s Grade 11 curriculum, which includes nationalism, international affairs, two World Wars and the United Nations”.  While in Guantanamo he was being educated from Canada by mail by Arlette Zinck, another professor at King’s.  According to the Winnipeg Free Press she says “I believe in restorative justice … There is no other kind.

He’s filing a $20 million lawsuit against the Canadian government for violation of Charter rights, the ruling expected this year, 2014.  On December 13, 2013 CTV posted an article from Colin Perkel of the Canadian Press reporting that Omar Khadr pled guilty because he was “left with a hopeless choice.

Why was he left with a hopeless choice?

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