Chess Championship Being Played at York

The game looks long, both sides strong
Rahman Mohamed

PawnsIt seems as if York has decided to hold a rematch.  Although York has been struck as what many consider the strike of chess there’s never a clear winner.  Like many games before the pawns are safely being kept off of the board.

Nobody has ever known who moved first in any game including the one taking place today.  There have always been talks between the King and Queen of both sides hoping neither will be forced to move.  Unfortunately the game is chosen; the pieces move.

Maclean’s has exposed a number of games appearing in a setting of knowledge and skill, games that have taken place between York University.  In 2008 an 85 day game was held: the York University Administration vs. Teaching Assistants and Contract Faculty (a piece of the grander, powerful player known as CUPE that has pieces and players today across Canada).  They moved across the edges challenging the other.  Few know why and how but the leaders met in the centre.  Whether one was defeated or a draw was agreed upon is still discussed.  It was decided the game would end.

The 2008 deal to end the game was tentative.  It began again 7 years later in 2015.  As the deal broke down one side began playing a creative offence, retreating to the side of the board that also helped its defence.  The other side soon followed.  The game had re-begun.  Not only were they playing defence/offence, during this game the centre of board was empty.  Many of the pawns were sent off the board by both; one claimed it was protecting their lives while the other said they didn’t want to suffer.  In reality the pawns wanted to take the back row; the pawns were more commonly known as undergraduate students; they wanted both sides to meet in the centre like before and strike a deal.  Fortunately after only 29 days the pawns were let onto the board as the higher powers struck a deal.

Although it was considered solid, 7 years later the 2015 deal fell apart.  The leaders began to play.  Like before the pawns were sent off.  Unknown to many in 2015 and today in 2018 pawns that do not affect the lives of either side or are in classes that have no influence from TAs or Contract Faculty are allowed to remain on the board.  The sole requirement is they remain hidden and not take part in the battle.  Higher ranks that are not part of the force were and are still allowed to join the pawn; unknown whether they are classified as rooks, bishops or knights the graduate students who are not TAs are able to continue their studies.

Some of these graduate students have been classified as Knights.  They take unusual routes jumping the guard on both sides and landing next to the King and Queen, attempting to bring them to the centre of the board.  Some pawns have been called equivalents of Knights despite not having the same academic credentials; they have reached the promoting end and have been face to face with both the King and Queen.  Although some of the newly minted Knights have sat on the back row to force both sides to the centre, they have been unsuccessful.  The 2018 game began on March 5.  In 2015 pawns were given time to reach the back of the board to gain promotions, or complete courses, they considered it a secondary movement to provide them more time off of the board by cancelling classes and providing a tuition refund for being forced to watch a boring game.  The same is likely to happen in this game.

Whether the pawns will receive their demands or be forced to reach the end of the board is unknown.  Many consider whether or not the two sides will meet in the centre or if they will continue to find ways to attack the King and Queen and keep the Pawns off of the board.  It seems as if this appears to be dragging into another long game.

A Checker piece, a third party may be called to assist both sides are taken to the 3D board to come to an agreement about the end of this game.  They are likely to come back to the flat board after the present game is ended.

These matches have included traditional moves such as upper ranks using “Work to Rule” and the traditional “Strike” to bring the second side to them rather than having to advance.  Unfortunately the York University Chess Club has not been able to be part of any games as most are classified as pawns.  Will another game will begin?  If so, how soon?  Will the Chess Club be allowed to take part?  Only time will tell.


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