Employment and the Ontario Election

Who’s talk about employment will get them employed
Rahman Mohamed

A central issue in Ontario’s Election is employment and the economy including Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan, an election promise that 67% of Ontarians doubt in a poll conducted for CP24 by Ipsos-Reid and one that CBC reported as questioned by many economists.  But what are their plans?

The Liberal Platform says it will invest in “preparing high school graduates for success”, continue the 30% tuition grant, increase Apprenticeship opportunities, work with the federal government to streamline foreign credentials so Canadians trained abroad can work at home, investing in Aboriginals, investing in infrastructure, and supporting small businesses.

Andrea Horwath’s “Plan That Makes Sense” says it’ll invest in re-training programs for worker aged 55+, create a tax credit for job creation, reduce the small business tax invest in the “Ring of Fire infrastructure” with First Nations, and create an emerging industries fund to support the technology sector.

The Million Jobs Plan says that over 8 years the corporate welfare program will be replaced by a 30% reduction in business tax, opportunities will be increased in the skilled trades, “eliminate rules and regulations that don’t benefit the consumers, workers or employers”, compete with other provinces to hire more skilled immigrants, expanding free trade between provinces, expanding post-secondary education for those with disabilities, expand community colleges, and preventing the government from growing faster than the economy by creating “The Spending Within Our Means Act”.

Mick Schreiner and the Green Party say lowering payroll taxes for small businesses.

Which employment plan will come out on top?


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