The Canadian Game in the Canadian Classroom

Educating students about Canadian culture and life (and letting them cheer for Gold)!  The true Canadian way!
Rahman Mohamed

Yesterday at Sochi Canadian women shot the puck to the back of the American net to win the Gold Medal Final in Women’s Hockey.  Today, the Men’s Semi-Finals, Canada vs. USA (#CANvsUSA for both on Twitter).  Around the world Canadians came to a halt, not just students on Reading Work in the Great White North or employees who’d “called in sick”, but the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC, Toronto City Council, the Press Building in Sochi, and schools.

Why? Students weren’t just watching hockey, they were learning about Canadian culture and the Olympics and lessons in life.

It’s true.  The Sarnia Observer reported that students in Maria Chowdher’s Grade 6/7 class of local elementary school Queen Elizabeth II, were watching the Women’s Gold Medal Final and well-known Hayley Wickenheiser.  Wickenheiser lives in Saskatchewan but she sends a monthly video to the school about life skills like goal setting and perseverance.

Chowdher told the Observer (2014) “Some of my kids have tweeted her and she actually tweeted them back.”  Students have also been inspired; one Grade 7 student Maddie Hodgins said, “Before I never knew how to plan my dreams, but Hayley Wickenheiser has shown us how,” referring to Wickenheiser’s tips for weekly and monthly goals.

In Caledonia, Ontario, students at Caledonia Junior High School were sitting in the gymnasium wearing red and white watching the Women’s Gold Medal Final.  After the first period students set up their own hockey game; and when the school day ended some students didn’t get on the bus (the game had gone into overtime).

According to the Metro, vice-principal Greg White put the game on for them to watch because the opportunity for youth to share in the experience of Canadian history and Canadian identity is really important, saying “They blew the roof off the place when Canada scored and it went into overtime.”

Students didn’t doubt; one Grade 8, Tala Dominic, said “I feel like we have a very, very good chance, cause Canada isn’t one to back down, we fight it, till we win it,” after a scoreless first period.


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