Heroes of the Storm

Rahman Mohamed

An ice storm has hit Toronto, Ontario.  But this time Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, has decided not declare a state of emergency.  Why?

Toronto has heroes.

Photo0476.jpgIt’s true.  Toronto Hydro, Firefighters, and Police have been working overtime since the clean-up began.

But it’s not just them, Forestry workers are cutting up trees to stop them from collapsing and taking out power lines, not just in Toronto, but across the GTA.

There are still thousands of people without power.  Some people might not get power until after the holidays.  But clean-up workers have cancelled their holidays; over 300 Hydro One workers have cancelled their holidays; they won’t rest until the clean-up ends.

Today there are warming centres around the city.

But that’s only because there’s a marathon effort from tireless workers; workers from not only Ontario and Toronto, but from Manitoba and Michigan coming to help, sacrificing a family Christmas to bring a Happy New Year to one and all who’ve been affected by one of the worst storms to hit Ontario (topped by the ice storm of 1998).

Together with them, the postal workers, braving the ice and snow to bring cards, gifts, parcels, and Christmas cheer to all.


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