Tweets from the Top

Rahman Mohamed
The digital voice of those who lead Canada

Once upon a time (not too long ago), from a land not too far away (England), Canada was ruled by an all-powerful monarch. With so many subjects and so little power to contact everyone, it was pretty hard to keep in touch.

Today, Canada’s led by Canadians—people elected by the people to rule the people. But how in touch are they with those they rule? At this very moment Canadian leaders can communicate with their Followers as rulers in no other era ever could: Twitter.

With a simple Tweet (instead of tying a scroll on the legs of a Canada goose or a loon that nips your thumbs), the rulers can send messages to anyone they wish in Canada or the world. But how many of Canada’s great leaders are really taking advantage of the voice of this new bird without wings? And how?
Of all the Canadian Premiers, it’s Brad Wall (@PremierBradWall) from silent Saskatchewan who speaks the most, having sent more than 3,500* digital scrolls of 140-characters or less in the air, his first saying,

But recently he did say

He even has a Verified Account (there’s a little blue checkmark next to his name to show it’s authentic; the chirps really do come from the most powerful pigeon in Saskatchewan).

His number of Tweets is second only to federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May (@ElizabethMay) who Tweets and re-Tweets, soaring past both (last count she had over 13,000 but she use the new environmentally friendly method to send an average of 56 messages/day).


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