Ontario: High School Dropout Dropping but Still Not Low

Rahman Mohamed

Today Alessandro (Sandro) Lisi, age 35, friend and driver of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford who has been charged with trafficking and possession of marijuana was released on bail.  One of his conditions: “Make efforts to find full-time employment or education”.  But why is this condition enforced on him; shouldn’t he have already completed an education and found a job?

For 2011-12 the Ontario Ministry of Education reported an 83% graduation rate, up 15% from 2003-04.

Graduation Rates in Ontario 2003-2004 to 2009-10: In 2003-04 total 68 per cent; 2004-05 total 71 per cent; 2005-06 total 73 per cent; 2006-07 total 75 per cent; 2007-08 total 77 per cent; 2008-09 total 79 per cent

(Ontario Ministry of Education, Last Modified 10/4/13 11:43:33 AM)

But why do students dropout?  According to Why Do High School Students Lack Motivation in the Classroom? Toward an Understanding of Academic Amotivation and the Role of Social Support (2006), an article by Lisa Legault and Luc Pelletier of University of Ottawa, and Isabelle Green-Demers of Université du Québec en Outaouais, it’s because they’re not motivated – they lose the passion to learn.

Students drop out because they say the don’t have the ability, they feel they don’t have the effort or the energy to study and do well, because of what the task is (they find it boring), or they find it valueless.

It was also found that the support of parents, teachers, and friends related to autonomy could affect the effort, how a student viewed a task and academic value.

Because students aren’t motivated to learn they don’t care about learning.  Because they don’t care about learning they dropout of school, leaving for a life of drugs and crime.


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