Smiling Siblings

The laid back Aussie and polite Canuck
Rahman Mohamed

Both nations are on the world map.  Both have a population based on immigration. Within each there is a record of mistreatment of Natives when the lands were colonized. The Land Down Under and The Great White North started as British colonies; Australia was actually the British Empire’s Guantanamo Bay; they sent their prisoners down instead of keeping them jailed.  Today both are part of the Commonwealth; they “honour” the Queen and use “zed”.

The two lands differ in climate; Australia is a perpetual summer while Canadians live in a constant winter.  Their mode of acceptance contrast but both have accepted large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers.  They differ in sports, Australians favouring cricket and football (soccer) compared to Canadians choosing ice sports and growing track and field.  So why are they so similar? Continue reading


Bring on the Biometrics: The Security of the Future

Fingers: using the key or become the key?
Rahman Mohamed

26 years ago 2015 was predicted.  It included super advanced transportation and robots.  But it also foresaw home entry.  According to Back to the Future 2 on October 21st of this year all homes will have doorbells but entry will be keyless.  They’ll be opened with a touch of the finger.  We’ll also be identified without a card.  How close are we to that?

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The Month of the “Mo” not the Typo

Why clean shaven men have facial hair
Rahman Mohamed

So it’s almost December, the last month of the year.  But for the last month you’ve probably seen clean-shaven men growing facial hair.  Have you wondered why?  It’s because it’s Movember, not November.

What is Movember?

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