Artificial Intelligence: Real

Artificial Intelligence; non-fictional; closer to reality than ever before
Rahman Mohamed

It’s coming closer than ever, the day humans sit while the creations do the work: the creation of AI.  More than ever before humans are reliant on technology, non-humans that help them complete tasks.

If you’re reading this and you can imagine your life without email or the internet you’re rare (nothing against you).  They might not be classified as AI but Smartphone systems and online advertising works in a way that is more human than ever before.  They look at your patterns and realize what you’re you’re thinking; Facebook shows you ads based on your posts, searches, and interests; Google shows you ads of what you might like as your first results based on your search; Amazon shows you suggestions for what to buy based on your past purchases; Smartphones suggest words when you’re texting based on your past texts; their brains might be artificial but you can say that they are smart (aka Artificial Intelligence).

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