Globe and Mail Debate: A Recap and In-Depth Analysis

The final topic of the first half of the debate, taxation, began with Mulcair being asked “You will raise the corporate tax rate from from the current 15% to 17%.  What economic, rather than political, reason justifies your decision?”  He said that manufacturing jobs had been lost under Harper but would lower than the past Liberal governments.  Adding that the NDP would lower taxes for small business, the higher tax would allow all Canadians to pay their fair share, and close tax loopholes.  He was then asked what he would do if Canadians moved their money elsewhere as “he would lose his balanced budget” and his revenue.  Mulcair responded with closing tax havens, what Harper’s government “had done nothing about”.  He added that the NDP would take action to ensure all “Canadians pay their fare sure”.  In turn Harper asked Mulcair how he would raise revenue while making tax cuts, referring to provincial NDP governments and their history of job losses.  In reference to Canada’s present economic state Harper referred to struggling world economic conditions.

Upon taking the open floor Trudeau again spoke about raising taxes for the one percent, lowering taxes for the middle-class and investing in Canada.  Attacking Trudeau, Mulcair spoke of Trudeau’s votes in the House of Commons, Trudeau voting for “Harper’s tax giveaway” and Bill C-51.  In defense Trudeau again said that the Liberals would take actions the Conservatives and NDP wouldn’t and work for Canadians rather than for politics.  Harper then spoke of lowering the GST and attacked proposals to raise payroll tax hikes.

In response Trudeau again spoke of increasing Canadian debt and the Liberal plan for investment, speaking for investment in environmental technology and infrastructure to create jobs and boost the economy.  He said “we have a plan to invest in the future of this country and we are being absolutely straight about it,” continuing with the Liberal deficit plan, interest rates, and debt to GDP ratio.