Federal Election 2015: The Start

Trudeau opened speaking in British Columbia.  With an 11 minute speech in both English and French he called BC “my second home”.  Starting by saying Harper’s plan has failed Canada he said “Canadians want change; they want real change.”  Together with this he said he shared Canadians’ values, listens to Canadians and that he had the team, that the leader with the theme would make a positive difference.  His speech included attacks on both Harper, saying his economic plan has not worked, and Mulcair, saying his plan for the economy was a “mirage”.  Focusing on the middle-class he spoke about the Liberal stance on the economy, released numbers relating to the Universal Child Benefit, and specific actions the Liberal Party would take.  With a dramatic end he said

I’m not afraid [of attacks]. … My opponents can say whatever they like about me; I’m going to remain focused on you”  adding that Harper dropped to writ to interrupt the August long weekend, traditional family time.

Also in BC, with a speech as long as Trudeau, Elizabeth May was in her home riding of Saanchi-Gulf Island, thanking voters in her speech, saying this was not only a national campaign but expressing her desire for re-election.  With the most dramatic, outspoken opening, greeted by cheers and applause at every pause, and introducing local candidates for the Green Party she opened the Green Party campaign, saying it was unconventional, but spoke of grievance about Flora MacDonald saying

Flora MacDonald “was her role model” and “would like to dedicate the Green Party campaign to Flora MacDonald … she stood for principle, she was unwavering, in her dignity for integrity”.

May said many would not know her but to stand like her with “humour, integrity, and dignity, a self-less devotion to a candidate”.  She spoke of Stephen Harper giving himself an edge with a longer election, she said the Green Party has funds.  May defended Canadians, saying they will see attack ads from all parties, but that the Green Party is ready, that “we are buoyant, we are ready, and we are happy to take on this challenge,”  inviting “Canada to come to know us because we are not what you think.  The Green Party is not a one issue party.  And the Green Party is certainly not a one person party.  We have extraordinary candidates from coast to coast to coast.  We are the opposite of a Party of one”

May spoke of the Green party a pragmatic, will bring safety and security to Canada, and will unite Canada, because of their love of their country and democracy itself.  She then said “we need to be talking about issues that are on Canadians’ minds.  As a country we need to be talking about healthcare.  We need to be talking about how we can take that next step and bring in a pharmacare plan.  We need to talk about our economy; what steps we should be taking now to avert a recession … We need to talk about how we can get Canadians back to work across this country and how to do it in a 21st century economy.

Then expanding on specific economic situations including the status of national institutions such as the CBC, the selling of the Wheat Board to Saudi Arabia, and the Canada-China trade deal together with amending the constitution and Bill C-51.  Together with talking about investing in the future, including kids, reinvesting in infrastructure May said that “Canadians want to see leadership that understands real security threats like the climate crisis and is prepared to do what needs to be done by working together”  ending her speech by saying “Nous croyons dans le Canada qui travaille ensemble pourtous.  Nous croyons que nous aime [We believe in a Canada that works together all the time.  We believe in a Canada we love]” they love this country and asking Canadians from coast to coast to join them, adding

“Regardless of how you think you might vote it really matters that we increase voter turnout in this country in spite of the unfair Elections Act.  We need to get Canadians in larger and larger numbers voting and we want you to vote in a way that keeps a smile on your face which means we want you to elect the Green Party Members of Parliament to a minority Parliament to ensure we get a better government in a more respectful and collaborative Parliament”

With shouts of “Join Us!  Join Us Now!  We’re going to take our country back!  Join Us!  Join us now for the country we love!  This is the fight for Canada that” completed with “Peter back to you” by someone else.